Scrath and Help Fundraiser


How It Works

Each member of your fundraising group receives a customized Scratch & Help® fundraising booklet
 with your group’s name and logo. The fundraising booklet has 50 scratch off circles with hidden
 donation amounts ranging from $.50 to $3.00 in easy to add increments of 25 cents.
(i.e. $0.50, $0.75, $1.00, $1.25 etc...)

It's As Easy As A-B-C!

Your fundraising members approach friends, family and neighbors asking them to scratch two
or more circles for their donation amount. In return, the donor receives a sheet of
 valuable coupons from our sponsors (10 coupons per sheet) as a 'thank you' for their fundraising contribution.
 Each booklet contains 30 sheets of coupons, normally only 25 sheets will be used, but there’s
5 extra sheets if needed. Your group member then takes the booklet and continues asking other people
 to scratch and donate until it is completely uncovered. Once all circles have been scratched off,
 the fundraising booklet produces $100 in donations.

Enter Number of Members Here:
You will
10% Free
Net Profit
+ -
= $

• • • • PROFIT CHART • • • •

10 Cards 1 Cards $900.00
20 Cards 2 Cards $1800.00
30 Cards

  3 Cards

50 Cards 5 Cards $4500.00
80 Cards 8 Cards $7200.00

No Minimum Order: If you want your logo on booklets we require a minimun10.
 Cost per Card:$20.00. 
1 FREE card per 10, if Paid by check- with 30 day hold, 15% FREE Cards if Paid by check-
No Hold, 20% FREE Cards if Paid by Credit Card.  Less than 10 units must pay by Credit Card.

Scratch and Help Booklets
Made in the USA

 -FREE personalization for your group
  -Valuable Coupons with All Donations

4 Colors Available:  (Purple, Green, Red and Blue)

Raise money with the help of the national sponsors above!

Nationwide Coupons
Customize Your Coupons
Custom Logos & Colors


“The easiest fundraiser we’ve ever done! With 40 kids we raised $3,200 in just 2 weeks.
It's easier than selling candy or chocolate bars and people love the coupons.
I'll be ordering more booklets next year. Thanks Scratch & Help®."

“Our Summer Youth Program raised over $2,000 with 25 kids and we were able to
build a new basketball court on our property. Thanks Scratch & Help®’re the best!”
-Jim Morgan, Youth Minister -FREMONT BAPTIST CHURCH

“Our high school band has over 200 members, and in the past we’ve sold Christmas trees,
candy, magazine subscriptions etc. With Scratch & Help®. our kids were able to raise over $15,000 in less than 2 weeks.
Not only did the kids tell me that it was easier than our past fundraisers, but we raised as much as all the others combined.
We raised over $2000 in free booklets alone. Thanks Abc Fundraising, we appreciate everything.”

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9am-5pm Central
Monday through Friday
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